Thursday, March 8, 2012

Knee Deep

I fear I'll only go as deep as the water I stand in. Before you hit the deep end you first need to stand in the shallow, but what if that becomes so comfortable that I never move on? What if the deep end becomes so unnerving, the possibility of slipping below the waterline and never returning, that I start to see deep waters as not only dangerous but off limits?
How deep is the water you are standing in? Are you a toe into Christ? Did you dive in head first?
Sometimes I find my body so wet that I start to retreat to shallower water, to puddles and tubs, rather than plunging into pools, rivers, and oceans.  Sometimes shallow water splashed all over the body feels much better than diving into the deep, mysterious waters and actually remaining there, swimming around, and taking it all in.
I don't want to remain as shallow as the water I'm standing in, I want to go deep.  Thankfully God's Word goes deep, unfortunately I often make it shallow.