Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christ as the Center 2

So I did a post last week about Christ being the center of everything that we do rather than an attachment, which is a whole lot easier to say and think about as a concept than to actually live out.  I didn't feel, though, like I really fully and effectively communicated what I was thinking.  Last night I was talking about the post and came up with this perfect sentence, which is what I was looking for when I wrote it, that covered everything and made it so clear and wrapped it all up in one simple sentence.  And now I can't remember it....

So here's my best reconstruction, and hopefully this gives you something more to think about and chew on, and maybe even effects how you live your life in the future.

It's a matter of living all of our life in light of our relationship with Christ rather than fitting our relationship with Christ into all of our life.  Its living our life with Christ as the source, the headwaters, so that so that all of life flows from it, rather than living our life with Christ as the pipe through which everything else flows.  Does that make sense?  So instead of things of life coming about and then we take them and try to flow them through our "Christian filter" or think of them in terms of our relationship with Christ, our relationship with Christ should BE the originator of everything in our life. Instead of things flowing THROUGH it, they should flow FROM it.  Instead of trying to see how things fit into our Christian walk or even IF they fit into our Christian walk, they should be a result of our Christian walk.

So I don't know if that's actually helpful to anyone else.  It's just a different way of looking at it, but I know that for me sometimes I just need that different way to see or think about it.  And it can apply to anything that we do, jobs, the college we pick, books we read, friends we have, car we drive, how often we eat out, what we eat.  And this doesn't mean that we have to be a "super-Christian" and only talk to Christian people and read Christian books and go to Christian schools and have Christian friends.  In fact, I think that if we were to start to take our walk with Christ more seriously and live everything in light of Him, with Him as the source, we would look a whole lot LESS "Christian" than we do now.

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