Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Parable on Sin

The teacher came across some children of God living in sin.  They said to him, "Since God is so loving and forgiving, we see no need to stop sinning or to change our ways."

He answered them, "There once was a CEO of a very wealthy company.  He took very good care of his employees and looked after them as he would his own children.  Some of his employees took advantage of this, though.  They became lazy, even to the point of not doing any work for weeks.  They would come in and sleep on company time, some even began to bring alcohol to work and get drunk during their working hours.  They became so unproductive that the company began to lose money and the CEO's savings were poured into these lazy employees."
"After some time, these drunkards began to act out, fighting amongst themselves and breaking property around the building.  This cost the CEO so much money that he needed to put his own son out on the street in order to pay for repairs to the damages caused by these employees that he cared for so well."
Someone from the crowd called out, "This man was an idiot!"
"Why do you say that he was an idiot?" asked the teacher.
"He should have fired those worthless employees and found some who would appreciate the things he did for them."
The teacher answered, "And so should God fire you in the pit of Hell for your lack of a hatred for sin and your indulgence in rebellion against Him, even after He sent His very Son to die for the sin you now commit."

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