Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Blessing Worth Framing

I found this in Philip Yancey's book titled "Prayer" and really appreciated it. It really speaks for itself, so I don't feel the need to say much more here...but I'm seriously thinking about using this as a benediction some Sunday at the end of one of our services.

On another note, I am currently preparing lessons on prayer for our youth retreat coming up in the end of January, so as I work through thoughts for that I will post them here.
My basic format at this point is:
Lesson 1 - the importance of prayer from James 5:13-20 which tells us that Elijah was a man just like us, but when he prayed it didn't rain for 3 years, and then when he prayed again rain came to the earth.
Lesson 2 - We pray to the Father because....
Lesson 3 - We can pray because Jesus....
Lesson 4 - We can pray because the Spirit....

We'll see where things go from there.


  1. Is Lesson 4 a typo?

    Great post, thank you. Just got a good book on prayer from Jeff Evans. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. And check out "Valley of Vision" as well if you do not have it already. GREAT stuff.

  3. Yep, thanks for the catch, I edited it. And yeah, I have the valley of vision, I've really enjoyed it, however it got lost in the abyss of moving things from my parents'....I really need to find it.