Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Psalm 62:1-8: A Paraphrase

I did this for youth group tonight and thought it might be worth sharing.  Tried to put Psalm 62:1-8 in words that we would use in everyday speech.  I found it to be moving...I hope you will too.

The only way I have peace inside is in God
He comes through for me.
He’s like a rock for me, I can count on Him;
He’s like a bomb shelter from life; nothing shakes me.

How long are you guys gonna come after me?
Are you trying to push me over –
because I’m already partially broken,
because I’m hurting and weak?

I’m sure they’re out to get me!
Trying to push me down!
They love to lie…
When they’re around me they say nice things,
but inside I know they hate me.

Yes, inside, I only find peace in God,
My belief in a better tomorrow is because of Him.
He is my rock, I can count on Him;
He’s like a bomb shelter from life, nothing shakes me.

You can trust in him for everything too!
Pour out your insides to Him, the things you hide from everyone else.
Because God is a refuge!

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