Friday, December 17, 2010

Song Worth Sharing

This song pretty much sums up how where I've been at for the past few weeks.

So, I was sitting trying to pray about 1 1/2 weeks back and wrote two lines which I then tried to put into a song.  The lines were:
"Lord I just want you
Need you to break through"

So yeah, I tried and tried to write something from that, and all I could come up with was a melody.  So then I was humming that for a while, and started realizing it was the melody to a song.  After trying to figure out what the song was literally for about 4 days I got some words to it and looked it up on google, and wah-lah, here it is.  So, the funny thing is, this song that I've been humming (not knowing the words) for a while now is exactly what I've been feeling and thinking and trying to pray, so yeah, kinda crazy.  God actually brought me the song at the right time though, not too early or not too late.

So enjoy (FYI, in case you don't get this the first time through, this song is talking to God)


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