Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Third Week of Advent - The Love of a Deliverer

Have you ever delivered someone from something?  Maybe it was a friend from a bully at school, or maybe it was your child who got a speeding ticket or spent the night in jail.  We don’t often use the term “deliverer” in our everyday speech.  It comes from the Latin “deliberare” and literally means “to free away from”, or to free from the grip of.
What have you been delivered from?
What does it take to deliver someone, to be someone’s deliverer?  If you deliver a friend from a bully, it may require your own comfort or your wellbeing.  If it is your child from a speeding ticket, it may require some of your hard earned money.  If it is your child from jail it may require your hard earned money, your comfort, AND your reputation.  By becoming a deliverer one always puts themselves in a position of jeopardy.  If you are to free someone or something from another’s grip you always put yourself at risk in the process.
What have you been delivered from?
As we light the third advent candle and think about the love that God displayed in sending his only Son to earth, let us remember that love is sacrifice.  No one possesses love more than the one who would lay down their life for a friend.  But Jesus, our deliverer, in coming to earth to set us free from the grips of sin, laid down his life for his enemies!
How great a love!  How great a friend!  How great a deliverer!

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