Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day - a story update

I've been scheduling my blog posts out by about a month, so when I write something I schedule it to post at the next available date and follow somewhat of a schedule, that way if I have a week where I write a lot and another week where I don't write at all it evens itself out.

It is February 8th as I write this, though, and the 14th still stand open.  I figured a month ago when I got to this date that I would have something nice and lovely to say for the holiday of love, but it's now only several days away and I still have nothing...until I sat down to write my 14th short story for the 100 theme challenge.  I felt that this story, based on the word smile, would be a perfect Valentines Day fit.  Enjoy.

Julie was jittery that morning.  Why wouldn't she be?  With their youngest out of the house, her ex-husband had contacted her for the first time in fifteen years.  Their divorce had been anything but pretty.  At the time they had three small children who needed a father, so she drug her feet every step through the process.

Her emotions were a mess when she saw him, but his smile dissipated all of her fears.  As they hugged she felt the sharp blade slide through her heart.

A smile is the offer of affection as well as the disguise of contempt.

Yeah...not your typical love story...but you know, just thought I'd share :)

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