Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Question to my Readers

Last Fall I started keeping track of the books I was reading in a "Book List" tab (if you always read my posts through email or a Reader you may not even know this tab exists!)  Since last October I have read 24 books (hopefully it will be 25 by the end of September, that is my goal) and have faithfully documented when I completed each book as well as writing a short, informal review of the book.  I am running into a dilemma, though, that seems like it would be best resolved by taking a vote from you all, my faithful readers (since you are the ones who will be affected by it).

The dilemma:
At this point my Book List has become quite long, and somewhat unmanageable.  I could continue to add books to it as I read them, but it would become almost pointless (and useless to any of you who may be interested) because of its length.  Also, my purpose in keeping track on that tab was so you could see what I was reading, but also so I could see what I was reading (and make sure I keep reading).  By continuing to add to the same list it becomes harder and harder for me to monitor my reading, thus undermining the purposes of the tab.  I was tempted to simplify the list, getting rid of my reviews, and simply listing the books I have read with the date I completed them, however then I would lose all of the reviews I have written which may be helpful to you as well as me in the future.

Possible solutions (this is what you're voting on):
A)  I can continue on the way that I currently am doing it, simply adding books to the already existing list despite its difficulties.  This isn't necessarily a "solution" per se, but it is an option.  It doesn't interfere with the regular workings/posts of this blog but also allows preservation of the reviews I have written.
B) I could start a new list at the start of 2012, calling it "Current Book List" and then have another tab that is "Archived Book List" where I place all of my older reviews.  This helps me to maintain accountability in my reading, allows you to see what I'm currently reading, and if you so desire allows you to see what I've read and what I thought of it.
C) I could start posting my book reviews as blog posts and with the tag "book review".  This would allow you to search my blog for all previous book reviews, and then I could delete any old ones from the "Book List" tab as I so desired.  Probably I would wipe my "Book List" every year and start fresh with a new list, but my record of previously read books would still remain as actual blog posts.  This seems the least messy and the easiest to maintain, but I'm not sure how you all feel about having my book reviews appearing as posts...

Ok, now its time for you to GET YOUR VOTE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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