Friday, March 4, 2011

The Sound Doctrine

1) First, it seems that we also have an alarming lack of information/teaching on the resurrection of Christ. We often talk about the cross and the crucifixion with little or no mention to the empty tomb and now living savior. In fact, our gospel presentations are often grimly void of any mention of the risen savior, and the importance of our now risen Lord, Jesus Christ. And this is in spite of the fact that the Bible seems to almost emphasize the resurrection OVER the cross in many of its references to the gospel and salvation. And this makes sense when we consider that there isn’t much good news in someone dying. Isn't the good news that the one who died (notice the death is still important) was also raised and therefore is God Himself and has the power to save us from our sins? But we so often present the crucified messiah rather than the risen savior.
Now, I see a connection between this lack of conversation regarding the resurrection and the aforementioned lack of conversation regarding Christian living. Paul often makes mention of us being crucified with Christ (the death of our sinful nature) followed by our resurrection with him (putting on of new life). This is why putting off the works of the sinful nature in Scripture is always paired with putting on the works of the Spirit, because to not do this is to leave Jesus in the grave! As Christians we are not only saved from something, we are saved to something, and this mirrors Jesus death and resurrection. So it makes sense, then, that as we have focused less and less on the resurrection and new life of Jesus that we have also focused less and less on the new life that has been given to us and we must now walk in.

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