Thursday, March 18, 2010

Campus Ministry

In his book entitled Tortured For Christ, Richard Wurmbrandt describes what life was like as a Christian within Rumania when it was under the control of communism. He makes this comment,

"Some mission directors seem to have studied little church history. How was Norway won for Christ? By winning King Olaf. Russia first had the Gospel when its king, Vladimir, was won. Hungary was won by winning St. Stephen, its king. The same with Poland. In Africa, where the chief of the tribe has been won, the tribe follows. We set up missions to rank-and-file men who may become very fine Christians, but who have little influence and cannot change the state of things.
"We must win rulers: political, economic, scientific, artistic personalities. They are the engineers of souls. They mold the souls of men. Winning them, you win the people they lead and influence."

After reading this the first place my mind went was CCF. I am part of one of the FOUR ministries on the West Chester University campus. We see ourselves as being on campus as lights for Christ and stress in our meetings the importance of being a light to those around us. We actively seek to share the Gospel with our fellow students and win them for Christ. We also have programs for discipling believers and hopefully growing them to the point that they are also sharing. But this made me think of the professors. We have four ministries for the students, but what about the professors. I sit in class everyday and look around at my fellow students thinking about how horrible it is that they are learning day in and day out that there is no God and that we are simply intelligent animals, but then I put all my efforts into sharing the Gospel with my fellow students rather than looking to the professors. Can you imagine if we could win one professor for Christ? If we could disciple the few professors that are already on campus so that they might be willing to stand up more than they already are and speak for Christ? Can you imagine that? Instead of winning one or two students a year, if we could win one or two professors per year our impact on campus would be much more consistent and long lasting.

Are you sharing the Gospel? Do you see it as a necessary part of your faith to share it? Jesus did. Who are you sharing with? Do you have a plan or a strategy in sharing? Do you talk with God about it? Do you listen to him? Who would he have you share with today?

As you walk forward in your faith may you grow in boldness and willingness to speak the name of Christ. May you then begin to even speak the Gospel of Christ. May you win souls. And then may you win soul-winners. May you pray to the Lord of the harves that he might send out more workers into HIS harvest field.

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