Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Small, You're Big

By: Nathan Good

Lord I’m small, You are big
I’m weak, but you are strong
I stumble you pick me up again

But I just can’t seem to get over this one thing

The more I try the harder it gets
I ask for your strength
Then I seem to fail again

I don’t know how, I’m out of options
So I call to you
The Maker of heaven and of earth
The Lord Almighty
The Strong One ready to save

Lord save me from the enemy
From Satan dragging me down
Don’t give me strength to conquer
Give me strength to trust in your name

Your name is powerful and mighty
You have power over the mighty
Save me O God
Save me from the enemy

And I will praise your name forever

(I really have no idea when I wrote this but I'm guessing somewhere around 2000-2002)

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