Saturday, April 10, 2010

Praying Your Sins

This is an excerpt from "A Praying Life" by Paul E. Miller. I would highly recommend reading this book whether you have a strong prayer life or struggle with prayer. In other places he talks about prayer being enjoying the presence of God, having conversation with God, simply communing with God (as if you're sitting down to dinner with someone), focusing on God rather than focusing on the prayer itself. So keep all of this in mind as you read the following excerpt.

"Instead of being frozen by your self-preoccupation, talk with God about your worries. Tell him where you are weary. If you don't begin with where you are, then where you are will sneak in the back door. Your mind will wander to where you are weary.
"We are often so busy and overwhelmed that when we slow down to pray, we don't know where our hearts are. We don't know what troubles us. So, oddly enough, we might have to worry before we pray. Then our prayers will make sense. They will be about our real lives.
"Your heart could be, and often is, askew. That's okay. You have to begin with what is real. Jesus didn't come for the righteous. He came for sinners. All of us qualify. The very things we try to get rid of - our weariness, our distractedness, our messiness - are what get us in the front door! That's how the gospel works. That's how prayer works."


  1. I've always thought about this when preachers/worship leaders say something like, "Just put the past week behind you. Put a smile on your face and worship." How phony! That's not what I see in the Psalms. I see David bringing the week TO God and processing it with Him. Love this thought that we need to be real and deal with that first. Thanks!

  2. I've been recently reminded of this in worship as well. Some pray for God to clear their mind as they come to worship, or to allow them to set the week ahead aside as they focus on Him, but I've started praying more and more that God would help me through the Holy Spirit to see Him in the week ahead and the week past and worship Him for who He is and what He has done. I think its a matter of seeing our lives as lives of worship, living sacrifices.