Monday, April 26, 2010

Walking in Truth

While I do not always agree with Way of the Master and their approach to sharing the gospel, this audio clip that they put together was excellent. This is a sharp contrast between the message of American Christianity that is so prevalent in our day and the message of the Bible that is so often lost and even criticized by many people in the church.

Many Christians have allowed our minds to be filled with the messages of this culture and the influence of humanist psychology. So often I allow myself to get lost in the nice and fluffy messages that our culture gives, the band-aids that allow us to gloss over the true, deep, and pervasive problem of our heart. So often I fall prey to believing that its enough that people are "getting better", that their life circumstances have improved, that they are living a more fulfilling life. These things are good, I want to help people and to see them in the right frame of mind, but I also pray that they might be broken before God so that he might restore in them that mind and heart that is his own, because I know that otherwise these things are completely worthless.

May we know our Bible so well that we are not taken captive by the winds of "knowledge" that blow to and fro around us. May our hearts be more set on Christ than on what is comfortable, nice, or easy to hear and understand. May we allow ourselves to be troubled by this God of the universe, remembering that it is He who made us and not us who make Him. May we stop creating for ourselves a god, fashioning what he looks like and how he should act, and instead look to God as He is. May we return to a fear of the Lord, a holy reverence for His Majesty.


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