Friday, January 14, 2011

A Series on Worship (Part 1)

Back in December my pastor asked me to write up my picture of a worship service.  It has been very interesting being in the position of Music Director and the responsibility of planning "worship" that this brings.  If there is one thing that I have learned it is that everyone in the church has a different idea of what worship is, how one should worship, and what the Bible says about worship.  And it also seems that everyone is quite passionate about this (at least the people I have talked to) and sees their way as the right way.

What we refer to as worship is so important to us because it gets right to the core of our faith.  Most people see worship as an experience with or of God, and what can be more important to your faith than this?!

So it was a good exercise, writing out my picture of worship.  It was inciteful for me in examining what I believe, and also helped my pastor and I to be on the same page when it comes to worship and to understand each other better.

So, after working on this paper for a while, the thought dawned on me, "I should publish this to my blog".  Maybe many of you have ideas about worship and what it should be and how it should be done but have never thought through why.  Or maybe you have never enjoyed church services because you don't understand what's going on or why we are doing what we're doing.  So I decided to publish it here, the only problem, though, is that the paper ended up being 8 pages long.....(go figure, I wrote it).

So I've decided to take the next several weeks and publish sections of it here.  It actually broke down nicely, and I hope that it is encouraging, enjoyable, and inciteful for you as you read through it.  I would welcome any comments, critiques, or criticisms of the things that I said and of my opinions.  And I hope and pray that, no matter where you are at, you are able to learn from and benefit from this walk through worship.

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