Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Series on Worship (Part 4) - First Piece to the Biblical Model - Edification

In the last post I introduced my understanding of the Biblical view of corporate worship.  In each of the next 6 posts I will identify one way in which we can reach that model in our worship services.  Some of these posts will be fairly short, I could have expounded on them a little more, but sometimes succinct and to the point is better.

Our meetings should be for the edification of the body. Over and over through the New Testament we are taught that our focus should not be on ourselves, but rather on the good of others. We should not live for what makes us feel good or what we enjoy, but rather to build others up and encourage them in their walk. When we come to a corporate gathering with other believers, in the forefront of our mind should be the needs of others and how we can meet them, not what we can or will get out of the meeting. When we speak it should not be for our own sake, but rather for the sake of those around us.

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