Thursday, January 20, 2011

short story # 2

Here's the second short story out of the hundred themes that I am attempting to write on.  I'm not going to tell you the theme, you have to guess (if you go to the other blog, though, it'll tell you...)

He looked down at the blood dripping onto his t-shirt, the unmistakable effect of the boot that crushed his skull against the sidewalk.  He felt slightly nauseous, somewhat light-headed, and mostly unable to focus on his surroundings.  But above all else, more than the headache or the confusion, he felt welling up within him the intense emotion that would come to define his very being.  It pushed past the pain - the blood - swallowed up his hurt.  It was the intense desire and longing to heal the pain within the man who could do such a thing to him.

Can you guess what the theme of this story is?  Leave a comment

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